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  • Turkish passport used for Germany
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Turkish passport used for Germany


Post-war entries from 1951.


When it comes to German passports and travel documents ranging from the end of WWI and continuing to those being issued and used even up to the early years of the young Federal Western Republic, then I am interested.


The documents that were utilized during and following the two great wars are at times unique and of course have historical significance due to their circumstances of their issue and usage. Some samples were even used for a very short or specific period of time, either because of the location or the issuing body that was dissolved shortly afterwards. The reasons vary and add to the importance and rarity of the documents as well.


As in both cases, the Allies issued special applied visas and permits for those wanting to travel to or from areas under their control or protection, as a result of the war and the international conventions or occupation of zones: Disputed areas following the cessation of hostilities were under strict international supervision and thus the exit/entry permits and travel documents being issued to or from them can be found, and are highly sought after by both collectors and historians since they can shed more light to the living and travelling conditions that existed at the time.


The passport in this case can fall under the above mentioned classification of Allied issued permits and what makes it even an attractive and more unique document is the country that issued it and the main destination of its holder: Turkey.


After years of collecting and researching of travel documents, I have come to realize that some passports being used, for entry or exit out of occupied Germany, are harder to locate than others. We tend to find many European or American issued passports being used to travel into or through post-war Axis countries. And some passports from other remote or exotic countries are harder to locate bearing such indications of travel. So when I located a passport issued in Turkey for that specific destination, well, I had located a nice rarity.


Turkish passport number 42639 was issued to thirty year old Behiye Nevra Talay at Istanbul on June 23rd 1951. The specific purpose of its issuing was for travelling to Western Germany.


Inside, when paging through the travel document, we can locate the necessary German consular visa from July 2nd, followed by other transit visas being issued by the diplomatic missions from Holland, Belgium and even one being issued by the “Haut-Commissariat de la Republique Françaises en Allemagne“, from September 5th from the French Political Department. This, in my opinion, is an attractive applied visa in itself. The Austrian visa that follows has a similar occupation visa s well indicating that it was issued by their consular department at Düsseldorf at “Der Britischen Besatzungszone in Deutschland” on December 21st.


Though over 60 years have passed, it is always exciting to hold such documents in ones hands and contemplate of those events. Each sample is an important reminder of what was and what could happen again if humanity falls again into a dark abyss.


Have added sampled images of this passport.




Thank you for reading “Our Passports”.

Neil Kaplan
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