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  • Japanese occupational travel document.
  • WW2 occupational travel document.
  • Indian Independence League

Indian Independence League


Japanese occupation travel document.


This was a political organization that was active after World War One and up to the 1940’s, during the Second World War. Its activities and members were located throughout South East Asia, and they were trying to organize Indians to support their cause of trying to expel and remove the British occupational yolk of their country.


Indian Independence League


Majority of its members were Indian expatriates and those expelled by the British, Indian nationals in exile who were living under Japanese occupation following their victories in the Malayan Campaign .


The movement grew during the occupation and consisted of thousands of members and supporters. Eventually, following the Japanese success in Malaysia, the proclamation of the establishment of the All-Malayan Indian Independence League took place in Singapore in 1942. Those who received membership cards benefitted in assistance and ration issuing from the occupational authorities. They were seen as an ally to the Japanese cause as well.


Travel pass number 10128/02 dating August 25th 2602 (1942) was issued to Indian Independence League committee member V.R.Somasundram Chettiar. He was the member of the Selangor Branch (on the western coast of Malaysia) and was returning back home to Kuala Lumpur in 1942. The additional letter dates from about 2 years later and is clearly indicated that he is traveling on official league business to attend a conference at Syonan (Singapore), the league HQ. Travelling would be permitted by car or by railroad to and from.


I have added images of the documents, which are not common to find, yet alone from the occupational period during World War Two.



Thank you for reading “Our Passports”.

Neil Kaplan
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